Important Dates

Opening an account


Buying units for your existing account

The current unit purchase price is $172/unit, effective through June 25, 2015. If you have an existing GET account, you can make Lump Sum purchases at this time. If you have not yet opened a GET account or would like to add a Custom Monthly plan, you must do so during the enrollment period, which opens November 1, 2014.


Using your units

Units for the 2014-2015 academic year are now available for use (as of August 1, 2014). The 2014-2015 unit payout value is $117.82/unit. To view your eligible units and request distributions, log in to your GET account. Then click "My Account," select the account that you want to view and look for the "Use Units" section on the next screen.

The 2014-15 unit price is $172.

Enrollment will reopen on November 1, 2014. Children from birth to 12 months of age may be enrolled year-round.
Plan Ahead - Enrollment reopens Nov. 1, 2014

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