Community Events

Welcome to our Calendar of Events. We’re excited to offer a variety of opportunities for you to learn more about the GET Program. Find out when a GET representative will be in your area by viewing the calendar below. Here are some examples of what we offer:

  • Webinars, Tutorials and Videos that cover program information, FAQs and how-to’s are available here.

  • Exhibits/Trade Shows or Conferences: We frequent community events, trade shows, conferences, parent, children and family events. See calendar below to find out when a GET representative will be in your area.

  • Seminars/ On-site Meetings:  We can schedule a FREE informational seminar at your next parent group, PTA or PTO meeting, worksite or community event. A GET Representative will facilitate a short presentation about saving for college and how the program works, followed by a Q&A session. This can be offered in two formats:

    • Lunch and Learn: Learn about GET in a group setting while enjoying your lunch. What a great way to help employees, friends and family learn about an important topic!

    • Open House: A GET Representative can come to your worksite and meet with employees one-on-one. This is especially helpful if it's difficult to bring all of your staff together at one time.

To discuss opportunities to coordinate a meeting for your community, workplace or school, please contact Jacquelyne Molique Ferrado, Community Relations Manager, at or call 360.753.7875. 

The new unit price will be posted here as soon as it is available.

Enrollment will reopen on November 1, 2014. Children from birth to 12 months of age may be enrolled year-round.
Plan Ahead - Enrollment reopens Nov. 1, 2014

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