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DreamAhead College Investment Plan

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The DreamAhead College Investment Plan is now open and accepting new enrollments

We are excited to be offering the DreamAhead College Investment Plan as an additional college savings options for Washington families. DreamAhead is a 529 college savings plan that works differently than GET, as investment returns are tied to financial market performance.

Families interested in saving with DreamAhead have multiple investment choices with varying degrees of customization and risk. These include "year of enrollment" options that automatically adjust the investment mix as a student gets closer to college age, as well as stand-alone options that give you flexibility to set and adjust your investment mix as you go.

Visit the DreamAhead website to learn more about how the plan works and how to get started today.

Note that you can save with both GET and DreamAhead, or you can roll over your GET account to DreamAhead. If you are interested in rolling your GET account to DreamAhead, we will soon offer a simple oniline tool to help you with the process. However, you may benefit by waiting to begin a GET to DreamAhead rollover until after Senate Bill 6087 takes effect. This bill, passed during the 2018 Legislative Session, will offer you an incentive if you own units purchased prior to July 1, 2015. You should review the details of Senate Bill 6087 and learn more about how you might benefit from it before initiating a GET to DreamAhead rollover. If you do not want to wait for the incentivized rollover option that Senate Bill 6087 will offer, you can complete a paper form to initiate a GET to DreamAhead rollover, which you can download from the Forms page.

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