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Explore Your Plan Options

Choose Your Plan

1) Lump Sum Plan (pay as you go)

  • Add units whenever you want and contribute any amount of money you choose (even partial units).
  • The minimum to start is 1 unit and the lifetime maximum per child is 600 units.*
  • Pay the unit price in effect at the time we receive your payment. The unit price is set annually, and may also be adjusted once annually if needed. The current unit price through June 25, 2018 is $113.

2) Custom Monthly Plan (fixed monthly payments)

  • Make monthly payments that stay the same throughout the term of your contract.
  • The minimum contract is 50 units and the maximum is 600 units per child.*
  • Lock in the current unit price. Your contract includes a 7.5 percent finance charge and a monthly $1.54 payment processing fee.**

3) Combination of Custom Monthly and Lump Sum

  • Start a Custom Monthly Plan and add Lump Sum units at any time.
  • When you make your payment, tell us whether to apply the money to your Custom Monthly payments or a Lump Sum purchase.
  • You can also add a Custom Monthly Plan to an existing Lump Sum account during the regular enrollment period.

Choose Your Payment Method

1) Set up a one-time or recurring automatic bank withdrawal (ACH)

  • Money is withdrawn automatically from your bank account in one of two ways:
    • One time on the day after you initiate the payment; or
    • On a recurring basis on the 15th day of each month and deposited into your GET account. 
  • You can initiate automatic withdrawals during the enrollment process.
  • Once your GET enrollment is complete, you can set up and modify automatic withdrawals by logging in to your GET account and choosing “Payment Options” or by completing the automatic withdrawal authorization form.

2) Set up payroll deduction

  • Money is deducted from your paycheck and deposited into your GET account.
  • If your employer already participates in GET payroll deduction, simply complete the automatic payroll deduction form.
    • To see if your employer participates in GET Payroll Deduction, refer to the list of participating employers at the bottom of our Employee Payroll Deduction page.
  • If your employer doesn't yet participate, encourage your payroll department to begin offering this service. It’s quick, easy and free for them to set up. You can also share your payroll office’s contact information with us, and we can get in contact with them.

3) Make a one-time online payment (coming soon)

  • You can transfer money from your bank account to your GET account through our electronic bank transfer system.
  • To make a one time payment, log in to your GET account and click "Payment Options."
  • Notes:
    • US Bank charges a $1 processing fee for each transaction.
    • You may not purchase units or make payments with a credit or debit card.

4) Mail your payment

  • Send us a check or money order by mail (Custom Monthly payments must be received by the 15th of the month). Make checks payable to GET and include your account number in the memo line.
  • We will send you a book with coupons to include with each payment. You can also download a payment coupon to include with your payment.

*You must hold your units for at least two calendar years (and Custom Monthly Plans must be paid in full) before you can use them. The unit price contains a premium over current tuition so you should plan to hold your units for at least six years before use in order to realize financial gain.

**The 7.5% finance charge is based on the total cost of contracted units and is compounded annually over the life of the contract. Finance charges have been factored into Custom Monthly Plan payment amounts and are not reduced if the contract is paid off early. Total finance charges may be reduced by shortening the term length or by reducing the number of units in the contract.