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Show Your School Spirit for a Chance to Win a $200 Gift Card

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school spirit promo

The school year is back! Student’s all across the country are headed back to school recharged (hopefully) from a long summer break. As many of our friends and family head off to college, school spirit is in abundance. At GET, we’re celebrating the new beginning with a “Show Us Your School Spirit” promotion!

To play along, direct message us through Facebook before Friday, September 26, with pictures of you and your family sporting your favorite college gear! Be sure to include an approval for us to share the picture on our Facebook page. Pictures will be posted to a School Spirit album on GET’s Facebook Timeline. On September 26th, the top three pictures will be selected by a panel of GET staff members. The criteria will be based on the amount of school spirit shown (hint: the more gear, flags and large foam accessories you show, the more likely we are to be wowed by your team spirit). We will also consider any especially unique ideas, and the amount of family and/or friends you get involved. From the 26th to the 29th, the top three fan pictures will be shared on GET’s Facebook page, and we will ask our Facebook followers to “Like” the picture that they believe shows the best school spirit. The fan who submitted the picture that garners the most “Likes,” will be awarded a $200 gift card. That’s enough to outfit the entire family in your favorite college sports swag!

Don’t forget to be creative and have fun with it. Now get out there, show your school spirit, and get ready for what’s sure to be a great year in academics!

Written by Dan Payne

*Disclaimer: GET’s September “Show Your School Spirit,” promotion will take place from  Monday, September 15, 2014 through Monday, September 29, 2014. Prize will be awarded in the form of a $200 gift card. The Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) program reserves the right to choose the vendor. To be eligible to win the $200 gift card, send a direct message to GET through Facebook with a picture showing you or your family’s “school spirit” before Friday September 26. Pictures will be shared in our School Spirit Facebook picture album. By 5 pm on the 26th, pictures will be judged by a panel of GET staff members, based on the amount of school spirit displayed in the picture and the creativity involved, and a top three will be selected. From the 26th to the 29th, the top three will be posted and shared on GET’s Facebook page, where GET Facebook Followers will be asked to “Like” the photo they believe shows the best school spirit. By September 30th, the picture that garners the most “likes” will be announced as the winner.

The selected winner will be notified by GET via Facebook private message and will have seven days to claim their prize by replying to the private message. If they do not reply to the GET program within seven days, the prize will be awarded to the fan whose picture received the second-most “Likes”. Gift card prizes will be delivered to prize winners no later than October 31, 2014. When prizes are sent, there will be an enclosed form confirming receipt of the gift card. Prize winners will be required to complete this form and return to the program no later than November 30, 2014. Employees and family members of employees of the GET program and its parent agency, the Washington Student Achievement Council are not eligible to participate in this promotion. Neither Facebook, nor the gift card vendor are affiliated with, and do not otherwise support or endorse this promotion or the GET program.

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Back to School Checklist

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It never fails that just as summer gets rolling and we’re finally starting to adjust to erratic new daycare/summer camp/vacation schedules, it’s already time for “Back to School” planning! For your kids, this phrase is like a pin quickly deflating their balloon of summer fun. For parents, all we can think of are the millions of things we need to take care of – “not” waiting until the last minute to diligently work through the school supply list, finding the “right” in-style clothes, meeting with your kid’s new teachers, etc.

As we prepare our children for important educational transitions such as starting pre-school, kindergarten or even high school, we also find ourselves making more involved decisions on issues like before and after school care, technology purchases to support classroom learning, and tutoring and enrichment programs.

Since many of these decisions have significant financial impacts, now is a time when many families are re-evaluating their household budgets and spending habits. This truly lends us as parents a fantastic opportunity to make college savings a part of these financial and educational planning discussions. You’re already in the mode of equipping your kids with what they will need to be successful for another school year, so consider taking a moment look at the big picture.

Here’s a quick checklist of just some of the important considerations for keeping your children’s future college plans on track as they grow:

What? When?
If you haven’t already, start a 529 college savings plan, such as GET. Saving will offset the need for student loans and let your child know that post-high school education is a priority. We recommend starting no later than grade school, but sooner is always better (even when your child is a baby or before birth). Keep adding to your savings as your kids grow.
Talk with your kids about their future aspirations and encourage them to dream big. There’s a much greater chance of them achieving these dreams if they’re motivated and supported.  Anytime! It’s important to continue this dialogue throughout your child’s development.
Make visits to college campuses. Get your kids excited about the idea of being college students. Anytime, but it’s especially important as your kids are entering middle and high school.
Encourage your kids to take on extracurricular activities, volunteer in the community and take advanced/honors courses. This can increase their marketability to college admissions departments and open doors to scholarships. Middle school to early high school is an ideal time to start these activities.
Ensure your children are meeting with advisors/counselors, and taking college prep courses and college entrance exams. No later than junior year of high school.
Make sure your kids start their college applications early! Applicationsconsist of several components that take time to complete: essays, letters of recommendation, transcripts, test scores, etc. Applications are typically due by early winter of senior year of high school.
Help your kids find and apply for scholarships. The Washboard is a great resource for locating scholarships in our state. Junior and senior year of high school.
Fill out the FAFSA early. Even if you don’t think your family will qualify for financial aid, it’s an important to fill this out – if you don’t you could miss out on some helpful dollars. Late winter/early spring of senior year of high school. Don’t risk losing out on assistance by missing the priority deadline!

This is a just a brief overview of some of the stepping stones to college – for more details and checkpoints we encourage you to check out There’s a lot to plan for, but don’t get discouraged. The main thing is to be aware of what’s ahead, keep the stress down by staying ahead of deadlines and support your kids in their academic success. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to pick up 50 of those $0.19 boxes of crayons before the coupon expires tomorrow!

Written by Lucas Minor

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