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It’s Go Time!

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Welcome to November! The start of the most exciting time of year! Okay, maybe we’re a little biased, but November marks the beginning of open enrollment for the GET Program! The enrollment period started November 1, and runs until May 31.

Student debt has quadrupled in the past decade, rising to $1.1 trillion, with the average student graduating with $30,000 in loans. However, even with the rising cost of tuition, studies show that a college education is still the strongest path to a financially successful career. College graduates on average make over a million dollars more throughout their careers than high school graduates. In preparing for the challenges of any higher education strategy, starting early is the key.

It can be difficult when the kids are young to find the time and resources to even begin thinking about college but every little bit helps. Remember, by the time your child is in third grade they’re halfway to college. open enrollment calloutBut it’s not about putting away every spare penny along the way; it’s about saving what you can, when you can. Any savings set aside for college can be a great contributor to your child’s higher education goals. Studies show that a child with any money set aside for college is 7 times more likely to attend when the time comes. The savings can reinforce the fact that there is a plan for them and that higher education is a part of that plan. With the holidays coming up, families can easily gift to the college savings accounts of their little loved ones as well.

With GET, your savings are guaranteed by the state of Washington to grow at the same pace as tuition growth at Washington’s highest priced public school. That way when your child is ready to go to college, you can rest assured that your savings will be there. You can also rest easy knowing that your child’s college options won’t be limited. GET can be used at colleges, universities, and community and technical colleges all across the country; it can even be used in some other countries.

Preparing for college is challenging. Our goal here at GET is to help you be ready for the challenge when it arrives. If you have any questions about the program please visit our website at or call our contact center at 1-800-955-2318 and we’d be more than happy to help.

Written by Dan Payne

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