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Sarah Jav 1One of the biggest misconceptions about the GET Program is that you can only use it for schools in Washington. Many families are surprised to find out that students can use GET nationwide and even in other countries at public and private universities, colleges, community colleges and technical schools. In fact, nearly a quarter of GET students use their benefits to attend out of state schools. The Waszkewitz family is one such example. Their daughter is currently attending Princeton – an amazing opportunity that may not have been possible without their savings with GET. Here’s what they had to say about their GET experience.

“When we opened her GET account we assumed our daughter Sarah would follow her two older sisters and attend the University of Washington.  Sarah, however, had a great opportunity to attend Princeton University and having saved over the years with GET the dream of attending such an Ivy League school was able to become a reality. Our GET account helped close the financial gap to make Princeton a realistic option for Sarah.

We believe a high quality education is one of the greatest gifts any parent can give their children and so we did not want to put our savings and our child’s future at risk in the stock market. We loved the long-term sSarah Javecurity of GET and knowing when it was time for Sarah to go to school those dollars we set aside would be there for her. At Princeton Sarah is thriving as a member of the track and field team and in her studies. She is benefiting from unique social, academic, and cultural experiences that are enabling her to grow as a student and a young woman. We are very happy we saved with GET and strongly encourage other families with young children to do the same.”

We’re so inspired by stories like Sarah’s – it’s what GET is all about.  Starting your college savings early can open up a world of opportunity for your children, and it allows them to focus on “where” they want to go to college rather than “if” they can even go. If you have an inspiring story that you’d like to share with fellow GET families and prospective savers who need some extra motivation to get their college savings started, please send it our way.

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