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Tales From the Road – Part 2

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mamacon 1

In mid-May I had the pleasure of attending MamaCon – The Conference for Moms, in Bellevue Washington.  This was their third year of bringing activities, resources, shopping and fun to mom’s in Seattle and surrounding areas.  In addition to sharing information about the GET Program in the Market Place (the shopping and resource experience at the conference), I also had the pleasure of introducing each guest speaker.  The speakers covered a range of topics including, motivating your kids, how to have a happy mealtime, how to avoid running on empty, and learning to say NO without guilt or shame.  What a pleasure it was to get to know each of the speakers and learn more about them, their families and the work they do to encourage and support moms.  One of my favorite moments at the conference this year, was meeting one very special mom who shared with me what it meant to her to attend MamaCon.

Being a mom is a joyful blessing but there are moments that lean toward hard and exhausting.  All moms experience this, including the very special mom that I had the opportunity to meet at the conference. I was immediately aware of her profoundly powerful attitude. She exuded confidence, genuine kindness, and a willingness to learn.  She came to my table in the Market Place to pick up a GET brochure and ask some questions about the program.  She shared that she has two little ones and really needed to understand how GET could help her and her husband get prepared for the kids’ college in the future.

jackie at 529 dayShe didn’t come with girlfriends, sisters or a family member. It was just her alone and she said it was one of the most important steps she’s taken in a long time.  “To have the opportunity to meet new people, gather information, learn something new and feel refreshed, was a blessing in disguise,” she explained. Since her children had been born she had forgotten to take care of herself and when a close friend gave her the gift of attending the conference she realized how important it is to be “engaged in life” and then pass that attitude on to her kids.

As we talked about GET, she asked a lot of great questions and finally ended with an emphatic “Wow! We’re doing this!”  Her excitement was infectious.  She shared with me that she had wanted to go to college so badly but wasn’t able to afford it so she moved through her life with a sadness that she kept to herself.  When she got married and they started a family she was determined to encourage her kids to embrace life, embrace activity and embrace learning and to provide the best avenues to support them in pursuing it.  She was so thrilled that on top of having the whole day to be pampered and enjoy the company of other women, she learned how to open the door to the college dream for her kids.

As she left my table, I realized I was smiling.  Her attitude and exuberance were uplifting and I was grateful that the chance meeting with this wonderful lady filled me with a renewed enthusiasm to embrace life and appreciate all of my chance encounters, because you never know whose heart you may touch.

Written by Jacquelyne Ferrado


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