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Falcons, hoverboards & jet packs are expensive and unpredictable: You’re better off saving for college

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Tax time is here again, and those of us expecting to receive a refund are faced with the definitive question: “How can I put this money to its best use? Should I finally buy that falcon I’ve been wanting for so long? Maybe I could have one of those bookcases that’s actually a secret door installed at home. How much is a ticket to space again?”

While it may be tempting to make a snap decision and buy something fun, it’s important to weigh the benefits of using your return to prepare for the future. We all want the best for our children and providing them with a college education can be a big part of that. However, as college expenses continue to increase at a rate that far outpaces inflation, saving enough can be difficult. By saving with GET you gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your savings are guaranteed to keep pace with rising tuition costs.

quote box 1Starting early and saving what you can is the basis of being prepared. A little can go a long way over time, and adding a tax refund to your college savings can make an enormous impact. Forgoing an impulse buy today can make all of the difference in your child’s education. Besides, falconry as a hobby is more expensive than you think. Trust me, I’ve looked into it.

While pondering the fate of your refund, ask yourself one question: “Have they invented a working hoverboard yet?” If the answer is no, then you’re better off saving for the costs of college today so that perhaps your child can be the one who finally creates a useable hoverboard in the future. Without college savings, you may be faced with so much debt, that when they finally do invent all of that cool stuff you’ve been waiting to buy, you’ll be overloaded in making student loan payments instead. Come on, do you want to be the only family on the block without a jetpack because you’re paying high tuition rates out of pocket?

quote box 2Being prepared for the future is priceless and a tax refund can be a great boost to accelerate your savings in the right direction. When it’s all said and done throw a little bit into savings for when that hoverboard finally does hit the stores. Why not? You deserve it after you’ve prepared for your children’s education.

Save today. Secure tomorrow.

Disclaimer: GET units cannot be used to buy robot maids, DeLorean’s, or those one-piece silver jumpsuits that everyone seems to like so much in the future. However, all of that disposable income you’ve freed up by being prepared for the high cost of college can be spent on whatever you want.

Written by Dan Payne

1 Comment

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