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Our Partners in Education

Consumer Education and Training Services (CENTS)

CENTS logoCENTS empowers people to improve their financial health by developing educational and legal resources to help them prevent or overcome financial challenges. WA529 partnered with CENTS to develop “Planning for Higher Education for Families,” a resource guide that empowers parents to plan for their student’s higher education costs.

Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP)

AWSP logoAWSP exists to support principals and the principalship in the education of all students, and believes strong leaders create strong schools and strong students. Founded in 1972, AWSP has been a leading voice in education for decades, representing principals, assistant principals, and principal interns.

Financial Beginnings Washington

Financial Beginnings Washington LogoFinancial Beginnings Washington teaches individuals how to play an active role in their financial well-being. Developing this knowledge increases available life opportunities such as home ownership, higher education, and secure retirement. WA529 partners with Financial Beginnings Washington to bring financial education to elementary school students and parents throughout Washington.

Program for Early Parent Support (PEPS)

PEPS logoPEPS helps parents connect and grow as they begin their journey into parenthood. Their parent support programs educate, inform and create community. WA529 partners with PEPS to provide college planning resources to parents across the state of Washington.

Financial Education Public-Private Partnership (FEPPP)

FEPPP logoFEPPP was created by the legislature to bring public and private stakeholders together to improve and advocate for financial education in Washington schools and communities by providing teacher trainings and quality resources.

North Thurston School District Partners in Education (PIE)

North Thurston School District logoThe PIE program helps bring schools and businesses together through volunteering and student support activities. It is designed as a partnership between a school and business to cultivate positive relationships that benefit education and student learning.

Department of Financial Institutions (DFI)

DFI logoThe Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) regulates and examines a variety of state chartered financial services. The Department also provides education and outreach to protect consumers from financial fraud.