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Washington College Savings Program

The process of creating a new 529 college savings plan is nearing completion and we hope to begin offering this new option by early 2018.

In 2015, the GET Committee began exploring the option of adding a new market-based 529 college savings plan as a complement to GET. College savings plans differ from GET in that the value of an account is not based on changes in tuition but on the performance of financial markets. In 2016, the Washington State Legislature passed new legislation that provided the GET Committee with a framework for creating this plan.

The Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC), on behalf of the GET Committee, is currently in contract negotiations with the BNY Mellon, a global investments company that WSAC selected to help run the new savings plan. An important part of this process is to determine what investment options will be available to savers.

Once negotiations are complete later this summer, we can announce what new savings options will be available and a more exact timeframe of when the plan will open. Continue to check this webpage for updates.