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DreamAhead College Investment Plan

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We hope to begin offering this new college savings option by early 2018

DreamAhead will be a 529 college savings plan intended to complement the GET program and provide additional savings options for Washington families. DreamAhead will work differently from GET, as investment returns will be tied to financial market performance.

Families interested in saving with DreamAhead will have multiple investment choices with varying degrees of customization and risk. These include "year of enrollment" options that automatically adjust the investment mix as a student gets closer to college age, as well as stand-alone options that give investors flexibility to set and adjust their investment mix as they go.

Visit the DreamAhead website to learn more about the plan options and to sign-up to receive updates on this new plan.


In 2015, the GET Committee began exploring the option of adding a new market-based 529 college savings plan as a complement to GET. College savings plans differ from GET in that the value of an account is not based on changes in tuition but on the performance of financial markets. In 2016, the Washington State Legislature passed new legislation that provided the GET Committee with a framework for creating this plan.

On February 15, the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC), on behalf of the GET Committee, signed a contract with global investments company BNY Mellon to provide account management, customer service, and investment management for DreamAhead. This puts WSAC on track to begin offering DreamAhead to Washington families by June 2018. 

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