GET Webinars & Tutorials

We'll be adding more Webinars and Tutorials throughout the enrollment year. All are designed to make it easy to understand how to open and use your GET account.

Top 10 FAQs
Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the GET Program.

GET Basic Presentation

Presentation that gives a general overview of GET, as well as other college savings options.


GET in the News

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GET Videos

Introducing Hootie, the College Super Saver - Video

Life is full of firsts - Television ad

Life is full of firsts - Radio commercial

The 2014-15 unit price is $172.

Enrollment will reopen on November 1, 2014. Children from birth to 12 months of age may be enrolled year-round.
Plan Ahead - Enrollment reopens Nov. 1, 2014

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